About Mikala

Mikala Simon Creator of Stages of FUN sitting on a couch smiling

I’m a wife, mom, Doctor of Physical Therapy and a bit of a dare devil. When I’m not dreaming up a new idea or playing with my two daughters, you can find me looking up nearby concerts, finding the times of any new movie with dragons in it or probably buying some awesome patterned socks!

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

~Dalai Lama

I’m a pretty straight forward person. You’ll know if I like something or not almost immediately because I’ll just share my thoughts! My family and friends consider me hard working, artistic and ambitious. When I find something I’m passionate about (aka Stages of FUN or cleaning the junk drawer out) I will work non-stop on it until finished or leveled up. I am SO excited to share my ideas and knowledge with other hard working & FUN mommas out there that I could just burst!

Random tid-bits about myself:

  • I sky-dived in college.
  • I once was stuck on a roller coaster that wouldn’t stop.
  • I have 2 cats; Penni & Chin (we adopted them with those names)
  • Once I spit a bug out of my mouth on a carnival ride…and it landed on the ride operators head! Needless to say the ride got shut down after that.
  • Despite loving carnivals and rides, I’ve never won a stuffed animal at a carnival game.
  • I love entering contests and some friends call me “Lady Luck”.
  • I love clocks and have like 3 unique ones in my upstairs, including a grandfather clock!
  • My favorite bird it a vulture…
  • …but if I were to become a bird I’d be an eagle.
  • My family and I love to play board games over some cocktails and good conversation.

Anything surprise you? What else would you like to know? I’d love hear below!

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